Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

  M/s BioVin Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.: Complete Basic and Detailed Design and Engineering for an API plant at Visakhapatnam. Project Cost: Rs. 50.0 Crores.

  M/s Vasudha Pharma: Solvent recovery Columns – 2 Nos: Project Cost Rs.1.5 crores. Successfully Commissioned.

  M/s Hyderabad Chemical Products: Solvent Recovery system modification. Successfully Commissioned.

  M/s Synthokem Laboratories Private Limited, Hyderabad: Complete Basic and Detailed Engineering for their API and API Intermediates Expansion Plant coming up at Pashamylaram. Project Cost: Approx. Rs. 25 Crores- Implementation completed and successfully completed.

  M/s MSN Labs, Hyderabad: Multipurpose Solvent Recovery Column Design and Engineering: Proj. Cost: Rs. 50 Lacs. Successfully Commissioned.

  M/s Netmatrix Limited: Basic and Detailed Engineering for Crop Care Chemicals Unit at Achutapuram SEZ, Visakhapatnam. Project Cost: Rs.120 Crores. Commissioned successfully. Product: Chlorpyrifos. 12 TPD

  M/s Hyderabad Chemical Products Limited, Humnabad: Basic and Detailed Engineering for their new Pesticide (Cartap Hydrochloride) at Humnabad, Karnataka. Project Cost: Approx. Rs. 25 Crores. Plant commissioning completed successfully.

  Carried out Hazop Study for M/s Hyderabad Chemical Products Limited, Humnabad, for four products, namely, Mono Croto phos, Acephate, Indoxacarb and Cartap Hydrochloride, which was submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), India for obtaining Environment Clearance for the Project. The Project was cleared in September 2011.

  Modification of the existing Continuous Liquid-Liquid Extractor for better efficiency, at Hyderabad Chemicals Limited, Pashamylaram. Modification completed and successfully commissioned. Extraction efficiency improved drastically.

  Kerosene De-Odorisation Pilot Plant Design and Engineering for an Indonesian Company completed and submitted for implementation. Lab trials completed successfully in Dec, 2012.

  Methyl Amines Recovery System Basic and Detailed Design for M/s Andhra Sugars Limited from their Hydrazine Hydrate Plant. Commissioning completed and being operated successfully since 2016.

  Retainer Consultant for M/s Balaji Amines Limited, Solapur for regular Plant Performance improvements.

  Carrying out Basic and Detailed Engineering for Acetonitrile Project for Balaji Amines Limited. Implementation in progress. Project Cost Approx. Rs. 25 Crores. Likely to be commissioned in Feb-Mar, 2016.

  Carrying out Basic and Detailed Engineering for Ethylene Diamine Project for 30000 TPA Capacity for Balaji Amines Limited. Project in implementation stage and expected to go on stream by October 2018. Project Cost likely to be around Rs. 150 Crores.

  Carrying out Basic and Detailed Engineering for MIPA ( Mono Iso Propyl Amine) of 50 TPD, starting from Acetone and Ammonia. Project implementation to start in the next couple of months after obtaining Clearance from MOeF.

  Basic and Detailed Engineering for Balaji Amines for a 150 TPD Iso Propyl Alcohol Project to be started in the next couple of months.

  Designed a 20 TPD Morpholine Plant from Di Ethylene Glycol and Ammonia, for Balaji Amines (Second Plant) and successfully commissioned in January 2018.

  Expansion of Ethyl and Methyl Amines and Basic and Detailed Engineering for the 2 Products to be taken up in this Financial Year.